Leavenworth Café Roasters

Leavenworth Cafe Roasters offers a coffee Lounge and our own perfect coffee blend.

We continually seek the best coffee sources, producing each order in small roast batches, all the while providing exemplary customer service. As much as we love coffee our passion now is bringing the amazing beans to our customer. you are our bottom line and we won’t be happy until you are drinking the perfect cup of coffee while reflecting on a pleasant purchase experience. Our Roastery is an important part of the Leavenworth community and our resort was the first building that was made to the Bavarian-style back in the 1960s. Leavenworth is a fascinating little town that dates back to 1885 and the great Northern Railroad. Today Leavenworth is quaint with a Bavarian village, the city harken to older times and heritage from another hemisphere. This blast from the European past always has a special place in the heart of every visitor.